We are all born with a voice. When it is heard, it says something vital about the deepest layers of our identity, our commitment and aspirations.

I believe that singing is everybody’s birthright. For thousands of years all over the world people have sung — to express joy, celebration and grief, to aid healing, to accompany work, devotion and the rituals of life — without worrying about having a “good” voice”. Singing has been a part of life, a way of binding communities.

It has been my joy over many years to work with groups that encourage an acceptance of each other in celebrating the voice you were born with.  I welcome anyone into a group  without audition and work from there to make a group sound. No-one needs any previous experience or music-reading ability to join any of my choirs.  Each choir has it’s own personality, so please browse the pages to see if there is one that appeals to you.  And if you’re not sure, then how about a singing workshop so you can have a taster of how I work?

Lissie Bayford is a member of the natural voice network

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